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Student Testimonials:

Abby Travis is an extremely gifted bassist and teacher with an engaging and inspirational teaching and writing style. She is easily able to explain and demonstrate bass concepts, theory, application and healthy playing techniques. She focuses on the individual subtle nuances of the students playing ability, she then helps make needed adjustments in order to guide the student to their highest playing potential! She has been my teacher and her work with me has already improved my playing skills, timing, concepts and confidence. She is a true pleasure to work with. Thank you Abby for all you have taught me, it is such a honor to learn from you!!


Kimberly Kim

Abby’s teaching involved a lot of hard work and dedication. She inspired me to care about what I was learning which made me want to practice more. She has an incredible work ethic that taught me to want the same for myself.

Lydia Night
The Regrettes

If you want to up your bass playing game or are just beginning your journey, look no further than Abby Travis. I have worked with countless teachers over the years and no one has been able to connect the dots for me the way that Abby has. She is able to teach you without overwhelming you, is ready to work with you on what you want to work on, and is able to identify where you are at with your playing and works with you from there. Theory, styles, technique, practicality, gear, tone, advice – nothing is missing here. Abby is very personable and professional – she is the real deal.

John Schuller

Abby Travis is a phenomenal bassist and an excellent teacher. She puts the “fun” in fundamentals, seriously, by incorporating song learning with her lessons. I always enjoyed working on and growing from the basics, as well as expanding to popular songs with grooving bass lines (Motown included!). She has a vast knowledge of many genres and is someone who will inspire and motivate, and push you beyond what you think you can do…and getting to the other side of that is fulfilling. Her resume speaks for itself, but I am writing this to speak to her competence as a guide through a new musical journey or to rekindle a passion that may have died out and craves reigniting.

Alison Wünderland

$ 65 / 1 hour – Adults
$ 35 / 1/2  hour – Kids

SPECIAL: Book a 4 lesson block and save $ 5 per lesson!

In person lessons available in the Los Angeles area
World wide lessons are available online via Skype

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